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SV 40 Database Completed

Robert D. Brownson of Brownson Norby, PLLC has compiled the pre-eminent comprehensive database of materials related to Simian Virus 40 (SV-40) a viral contaminant in polio vaccines from the first polio vaccine trials in 1954 to the present. The database, comprising private, public, and published data, includes over 5,000 items indexed and searchable, including polio vaccine production and distribution data in the 1950's, papers and materials from leading vaccine researchers, Dr. Albert Sabin, Dr. Jonas Salk, and Dr. Joseph Melnick, archives from government and research center sources, and published medical literature. SV-40 polio vaccine liability, and potential liability based upon the claim it causes several types of human cancers and tumors, has spanned several decades.

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