Minnesota CBD Bills Pending

St. Paul - Minnesota state legislators recently introduced bills that expressly define cannabidiol (CBD) products as legal derivatives of industrial hemp. CBD is not "marijuana" because it does not contain active amounts of THC, the substance that produces a "high". CBD has documented health benefits, yet some Minnesota businesses and consumers are uncomfortable buying, selling or using CBD because state law is not yet completely clear on this point. Senate bill SF 4052 authored by Sen. Karla Bigham (DFL) District 54 and House bill HF 4486 authored by Rep. Mary Franson (R) District 8B are simply worded, non-controversial and bipartisan statements making it clear that that the sale or possession of CBD is not a crime. Legislators very definitely pay attention to comments from constituents. If you wish to contact your legislators and let them know you support these bills, you can find your district and send an email to your representative here. More importantly, if you support these bills, contact the committee chairpersons Sen. Warren Limmer (R) District 34 and Rep. Brian Johnson (R) District 32A and urge them to move these bills for a vote. The current legislative session ENDS on May 21!


Disclaimer: This article is provided as general information only.  This is not legal advice, and nothing about this article creates a legal relationship between the reader and Brownson Norby, PLLC.  Consult your own professional, or contact us, if you have specific questions or concerns about the impact of this new rule on your operation.  We expressly disclaim all liability relating to actions taken or not taken based on the contents of this article.

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